About me
I was born and raised in southern Russia on the Black Sea coast.
Since I was a kid, I have been fond of painting, fashion, and make-up, fashion magazines of which I have a great collection.
My hobbies led me to the Art School, which I successfully graduated in 2007.
Subsequently, I was doing law practice for some years. However, I never forgot about my passion for make-up, which in 2015 led me to the Makeup Artist course at the BlingBligs Makeup School in Moscow.
In 2018, I moved to Amsterdam and decided not to waste any more time and fulfill my dream - to work as a full time Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist.
I see makeup as a unique tool for revealing the individuality of each of my clients. In my work, I combine natural makeup with delicate flashes of color while focusing on creating the perfect - glowing from within - skin.
I was lucky enough to work with very talented photographers, videographers, stylists, models, musicians and got invaluable experience of shooting with varying lightning, weather, camera, and scenery.
I am truly in love with my work and I never stop learning and developing as a professional, improving my techniques daily, following industry trends and innovations while drawing inspiration from works of fine art, sculpture, music, architecture and cinema.
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